OUT NOW !!! [MINI-101] Toth Kina Hegyfalu - Live @ Campus Festival 2012

Minimism Records presents:

Live @ Campus Festival 2012 - 27:04


Toth Kina Hegyfalu is the Budapest, Hungary based duo of Kinga Toth (poet, illustrator / vocal, keyboard; www.tothkinga.blogspot.com) and Gergely Normal. (painter / guitar, keyboard; www.molnargergely.blogspot.com). Genre / Style: minimal and instinctive sounds and experimental noises; folk and tribal element with harsh female vocal. The pair has a strong performance art bent, with Gergely’s sparse, often minimalist instrumentation serving as counterpoint and complement to Kinga’s poetry, which takes the form of aggressive growls, and wails.

Recorded @ Campus Festival (Debrecen/Hungary) 27.07.2012