SIRO500 compilation // funky review

by Kai Nobuko & Alex Spalding!!! Thank you very much guys!

 Tóth Kína Hegyfalu – ynormal Alex: This video was another one I was highly impressed with. It begins very minimally with what appears simply to be a thick line moving against a white background. The visual artist adds living sketches over the image that are so ornate that at times they recall calligraphy, but are otherwise often simple and elegant. Eventually you are able to make out that the line seen from the beginning is actually someone parachuting. In my estimation, it wins… Most Uniquely Beautiful Video. There is something enigmatic about this video and artist! Kai:To see Tóth Kína Hegyfalu on here just makes me smile of happiness. I came across their music through a wonderful tape they had released on SP recordings. To hear ynormal is like some kind of extraordinairy paranormal experience. A warm absurd beauty of insane acid jazz. (read jazz musicians on chill out acid?) what a lovely cute track that simply makes me excited of joy! Good to hear the brightness
(and sarcastic side) of Tóth Kína Hegyfalu! Funky! full review here:




PNEM Sound Art Festival 2012


PRESS: http://www.soundartfestival.nl/Press.html


PNEM 2012

PNEM Sound Art Festival 2012

PNEM Sound Art Festival is an international festival of sound art. The two-day event takes place for the second time in theater Naat Piek and Approxim Studio at the Pnemstraat 1 in Uden, Netherlands. The location has a limited number of places, so it is advisable to make reservations through the website www.soundartfestival.nl

Artists from around the world will present the latest developments in the field of soundart, experimental music, electronics and sound systems. With its diverse range PNEM wants a broad audience acquainted with sound art and let them enjoy a kaleidoscopic program.

On 17 and 18 November 2012 PNEM presents the second edition of this ambitious festival with live acts from Sweden, Germany, Hungary, the USA, Belgium and the Netherlands. There will also be video and audio presentations by 20 international artists who were selected from entries after an open call for new, experimental music and sound.

On Saturday, November 17th, there are live performances of the Italian Alessandro Perini from Sweden, Marcus Beuter from Germany, the duo Kina Hegyfalu Toth from Hungary, the Vietnamese Xo Xinh from America and Yannick Franck from Belgium.
On Sunday 18 November, in addition to live performances of foreign guests Alessandro Perini, Marcus Beuter and Xo Xinh, there also will be national performances by the Dutch formations Donne et Desirée Husc Ensemble, Radio Approxim and The Netherlands.


Terms Of Service Violation by NoFuture

Terms Of Service Violation tape compilation


DIY tape and cdr label with distribution and mail order.
videography and photography.

Burlington, Kentucky (USA)