[Siro627] Toth Kina Hegyfalu - All the way from Budapest to Uden

[Siro627] Toth Kina Hegyfalu - All the way from Budapest to Uden

320kbps - June 2013
Experimental / Noise / Nowave

Live acts in Budapest (Hungary) and in Uden (Netherlands) by Toth Kina Hegyfalu. 
Special thanks to Andras Polgar and to Victor Notermans for the live recordings.


First part - PNEM Soundart Festival @ Theatre Naat Piek Uden/Netherlanden (17.11.2012)

A1 - intro
A2 - it hurts
A3 - Mary
A3 - birdyblue
A4 - 1-2-3
A5 - lady
A6 - foot is swinging

Second part - Havizaj Festival @ Szabad az A Budapest/Hungary (22.01.2013)

B1 - intro
B2 - home
B3 - it hurts
B4 - birdyblue
B5 - Mary
B6 - in a fish
B7 - London is burning
B8 - in the forest

Total: (66:19)

Download: http://archive.org/details/siro627TothKinaHegyfalu-AllTheWayFromBudapestToUden


ARA Compilation coming soon...

May 29, 2013 in News

After many months of waiting and deadline push backs, we at Anti-Racist Action are pleased to announce that all of the music, art, and cash has been sent to the printers. Now it’s just a matter of receiving the finished product. The CD features Oi Polloi, Appalachian Terror Unit, Tom Morello, Adelitas, Macula, Welkin Dusk, DSI, (A) T.R.U.T.H., Konstrukt, Last Chance Boys, Wretched of the Earth, We Must Dismantle all this, Divergent, and Brilen Bagage. We will post pictures of the finished product as well as ordering information as soon as it is in our hands.




Various Artists – Interceded

Artists: Various
title: Interceded
keywords: experimental, electronic, punk, rock, industrial, minimal, soundscape, breakbeat
label: attenuation circuit http://emerge.bandcamp.com
This whicked compilation with a chicken on the front cover, starts with the german punk rock of Fleischlego. I can imagine this song made with Nina Hagen in mind but the male singer is also doing a great job of asking the great question if things are really art, or generated by drugs. Well that is what I think this track is about, as my german language skills are a bit so so.. This tune rocks with its nice rolling beats & rough guitar that swings its rawness in to the night.
One of the reasons to dive into this compilation is seeing the band ‘TÓTH KÍNA HEGYFALU’ on it. The things that are available by this band are extremely original and a nice insane mix of punk, ritualistic weirdness and strangeness. The track that they have delivered here is a great way to get to know them and their sound. Expect the unexpected rarity that will wipe all other alternative music under the carpet! A mix of pure punk alienation of the enjoyable experimental kind!
Andreas Glauser is the third one to find on this cool compilation of fun, exploring penetrating high tones and buzzing noises that might twist your ears in a knot. Even though this track seems to be an exploration of a single sound that hums and buzzes its way to the end, it is somehow a calming experience with a punk attitude. It keeps the listener awake by giving it high voltages at certain times, and buzzes at the same time into a sleepy dimension.
Than its time for Niku Senpuki who claims almost 9 minutes of this compilation with a nice experimental track. Strange sounds are forming an enjoyable rhythm. Something that moves, transforms, get bypassed through a collection of filters and twisted by real time knobs. This feels a bit like a member of ‘Kraftwerk’ that fell asleep on a self-made synthesizer.  Funny stuff!
Of course there is a time to rock, to ask questions, to sleep and a time to dance. The track by artist ‘Holzkopf’ is here to make your body move with its old school break-beats lo-fi strangled squarewaves and nice funky (and even psychedelic) guitar rock. A nice experiment that really knows how to make us swing our butts!
Karl Heinz Jeron brings us back to our senses with a strange sounding experimental track that seems to be some kind of edited soundscape with wind, sea and light weight electric bleebs in the background. It is sounding weird as it all feels edited and loopy, which isn’t something you normally hear in a soundscape. But hey, who says it was a soundscape? It’s experimental stuff that flows about for your relaxation.
What also flows about is the submission of Artificial Memory Trace. A more than 10 minute listening session of something that comes close to the work of Karl Heinz Jeron. Sampled sounds are getting re-edited in a stretched out rhythmic minimal soundscape. Wet sounds, wooden things, and light weight crackles, and other listening material.
The tracks on this compilation seems to get longer and longer, but that is actually a nice thing as it gives the listener the time to really trip and enjoy the sounds the artist have cooked up for us. Elekrojudas gives us something very minimal and pretty with its track ‘nexus’. It contains a spacious and friendly sci-fi feel, with nice loopy synth work, vocoder vocals that relax us while kidnapping the ears to a space in another galaxy. And surprisingly when we arrive there, feel good electronic music arises with laidback beats as its main thing to hold on to. This in combination with a feel good sweet melody that loops its prettiness makes this track in one of the more relaxing pretty tunes on this compilation.
The last track is by the label owner himself and is also the longest track on this free downloadable compilation. More than 12 minute of an experimental sounding soundscape that fills up the nice gap between reality and space. Soft breathing noises, rumbles of unknown sources are deeply findable in the mix, high tones that feel like they are coming from dusty and windy hallways find their way through. A strange track that is pure listen material for people who are in search for urban sounds to calm down too. One moment the artist resurrects the feeling of someone snoring its way through it, this maybe the artist himself sleeping the track away, or suggesting the listener might do the same.
9 tracks that explore experimentation between punk, alternative music, minimal soundscapes and even dance is what you are getting when downloading this for free. It may seem on paper as an odd mix but actually the tracks really suit each-other. Basically there is something for anyone who is into experimental music and all what lives on the edge of it. A good way to get to know some new artists and their sounds, and of course to have some fun time while listening. Download it for free over here:http://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/interceded



Tóth Kína Hegyfalu, desde Hungría, son una pareja de músicos y artistas visuales: Kinga Toth, poeta, ilustradora, vocalista y teclista ( www.tothkinga.blogspot.de ) y Normal Gergely, pintor, flautista, y guitarrista (www.molnargergely.blogspot.de ). Sus intensas performances contienen sonidos del instinto y abrasivas guitarras, con influencias del ambient-folk y rugientes letras sobre traumas y memorias de la infancia. Funcionan como una fuerte unidad: la distorsionada instrumentación de guitarra, teclado y flauta de Normal sirven de contrapunto y complemento a la poesía de Kinga, que toma la forma de agresivos gruñidos y lamentos. Influenciados por la alienación y el estado actual de alarma social, buscan la incomodidad del oyente a través de un postpunk experimental altamente catártico.

Festival de música rara. VIII edición.   Bilbao. 5-6 de julio.
alfredo costa monteiro porto, electronoise, www.costamonteiro.net
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un coup de dés barcelona+madrid, butoh objects, www.uncoupdedes.info
+ dj agnes p. lleida, itunes turntablism, agggggnes.blogspot.com.es

Hatalmas kapu anyám

INTERCEDED Compilation is out now !
Massive thank you to Attenuation Circuit!





Frissítve: 5 órája

How to avoid to get swallowed by the black hole? Listen to the sound of this tape and learn by doing. (Please do not listen to Al Gore and/or the Manbearpig)

split c60
by Tóth Kína Hegyfalu + Java Delle

1. Tóth Kína Hegyfalu - Live in Subotica at Sinobus Festival 26:50
2. Java Delle - Stellen Dellen 28:45

TKH live on 5th of October 2012 in subotice
JD recorded on 5th of October 2012


get in touch to order this tape tititotr at gmail.com
released 02 February 2013

timtimtontraeger your noise dealer since 2009 Hamburg

released 30 January 2013
1. Hagyomány 00:00
2. It hurts 02:23
3. Gumiember 09:03
4. Kékmadár 11:22
5. Néni 16:44
6. 1-2-3 21:00
7. 555 Gyerekek álma 23:53